Last Real Hero

Version 1.0.0
November 29th, 2015

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Last Real Hero

Also available on the Aptoide App Store and the Yandex App Store (search for "Last Real Hero")

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This website and project are retired.

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In some parallel, fictional world, a secret society has infiltrated
the government. The rule of law has been subjugated. Drinking
water and food are stacked with mind-altering chemicals to
heighten suggestibility and euphoria.

Free will has nearly been erradicated by brainwave transceiver
networks and widespread use of mind control. Convictions in
absentia without evidence are routine. Journalism is banned. Art
is edited or destroyed by a militarized censorship bureau.

People able to distinguish between their own thoughts and
those received from external sources (or caught disseminating
the truth) are quickly rounded up into camps for "rehabilitation."
Dissidents are lobotimized or exterminated when captured.

Our protagonist - Last Real Hero - devotes his life to airlifting
self-aware civilians to secret bunkers, where individual thought
is safeguarded by field generators. Any undercover conspirators
rescued are also freed from control, losing all malevolent intent.


No profanity, misogyny or portrayal of drugs or alcohol.
No blood, gore, nudity or realistic depictions of violence.
Rescue civilians during an invasion of mindless aggressors.
Friendlies (UFOs, Balloons) provide cover fire and assistance.

Lighting simulation, particles/smoke and randomized debris effects.
Powerups, combos, collectibles (tap-to-collect) and a unique set of objectives per stage.
Day and night cycles for each of 14 stages spanning "hills", "arctic" and "desert" themes.

Multi-Touch - control altitude and speed with left touch, target/interact with right.
Offline High Scores/Leaderboard for hot-seat competition on the same device.
Absolutely no advertising and no mobile "special permissions" required!

Creativity Assisted By:
Starling Framework | Adobe Creative Cloud | TexturePacker Pro | Axialis IconWorkshop | Beepa Fraps

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