Last Real Hero

Version 0.7.1
October 12th, 2015

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Last Real Hero

Note that [IIRC] to install any Android App NOT downloaded from Google Play, you must go to Settings->Security and allow applications from "unknown sources".

This title is released as a proof of concept / technical demo / demonstration of my game engine. All graphics, audio, layout, features and so on are subject to change. 0.x.x through 1.x.x have been and always will remain free of charge. Due to lack of interest it's unlikely this title will receive more than a final touch-up (as 0.7.2) before being discarded into the depths of my portfolio. The title I'm working on now will be unrated and have no official website - email to be notified [after release] of details and availability, if interested!

Thanks for checking out Last Real Hero :)


In some parallel, fictional world, a secret society
has infiltrated the highest levels of government and
now controls 90% of the world's wealthiest corporations.

Intent on global domination, both drinking water and the food
supply are stacked with mind-altering chemicals to heighten
suggestibility and intoxicate the masses with euphoria.

This, combined with a monopoly on broadcast rights, deep
corruption and widespread use of mind control techniques
via brainwave transceivers have all but erradicated free will.

People able to distinguish between their own thoughts and those
from external sources - or attempting to disseminate the truth -
are rounded up into camps, or exterminated once captured.

Our protagonist is one such individual. A pilot, he devotes
his life to airlifting self-aware civilians to secret bunkers,
where individual thought is safeguarded by field generators.

Proof of Concept Features:

No profanity, misogyny or portrayal of drugs or alcohol.
No blood, gore, nudity or realistic depictions of violence.
Rescue civilians during an invasion of mindless aggressors.
Friendlies (UFOs, Balloons) provide cover fire and assistance.

Lighting simulation, particles/smoke and randomized debris effects.
Powerups, combos, collectibles and a unique set of objectives per stage.
Day and night cycles for each of 9 stages spanning "hills" and "arctic" themes.

Multi-Touch - control altitude and speed with left touch, target/interact with right.
Offline High Scores/Leaderboard for hot-seat competition on the same device.
Absolutely FREE (excluding ISP/network fees). NO 3rd-party advertising.

Compatibility (if/when builds are released for the indicated platform):
Minimum system requirements, performance and compatibility are subject to change by Adobe, Apple, RIM, Google, etc.

Android 2.3+ (Direct APK downloads are available at IndieDB downloads).
Windows 7, XP, Server 2008, Vista with SP2, Server 2012 (Application).
Windows XP+ in all browsers with Flash Player plugin version 11.2 and above.
Windows 8 via Flash Player 11.2+ in IE 7+, Firefox 17+, Opera 11+ and more.
Mac OS X 10.6+ (AIR Application), Mac OS X 10.6+ via Flash Player 11.2+.
Linux (Red Hat 5.6+, OpenSUSE 11.3+, Ubuntu 10.04+4) via Flash Player 11.2.
Oracle Solaris (originally developed by Sun Microsystems) via Flash Player 11.2.
iOS 6.1+, iPod Touch 4 and above, iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above.
BlackBerry 10 OS5 (by Research In Motion/RIM) as an AIR Application.

1 Previously-integrated login with Facebook is disabled due to policy conflicts for cross-platform availability.
2 Planned iOS 5.1+ build will not be published any time soon due to lack of any device(s) for testing.
3 Hardware 3D support is recommended. Software fallback mode and performance options included.
4 According to Adobe, "Ubuntu Linux requires libhal (Hardware Abstraction Layer)" for hardware rendering.
5 BlackBerry 10 OS support is possible but will most likely not be attempted for any versions < 1.0.0.

No formal claim that "it works on everything" is being made - but of course, I hope that it does!:)

Creativity Assisted By:
Starling Framework | Feathers UI | Adobe Creative Cloud | TexturePacker Pro | Axialis IconWorkshop | Beepa Fraps

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