About Me

My name is Adam Golden. I was born May 26, 1979 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Commercially, I've worked off and on as a programmer since 2007 for numerous clients in a freelance capacity, including senior-level positions on projects for the music industry (Sony Music, Warner, Jive Records and other labels for artists including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Mike Posner, Sade, JLS, My Chemical Romance/MCR, Gossip Dolls and others), entertainment industry (Discovery Channel, Disney, ShowGopher), banking and investment groups (Bank of Montreal/BMO, Toronto Dominion/TD, TriContinental Capital Corp., PanGen Global), the health and food industries (Peace Naturals, Beauty Factory, Ted Reader, Salba, Stealth Health Foods Inc., Mums Original), travel industry/vacation bookings (UTours, Campus Vacations), and other non-profit and for-profit projects for clients including but not limited to the United Nations Association of Canada, Talon International Development Inc., Burak Jacobson Research Partners Inc., MediaMark Studios, Mobility Experience, QR Agency and Vervegirl Magazine.

My primary interest in life has always been software development (game development in particular) - by the time I was in kindergarten I had learned the Logo language (my father taught a course at a public school nearby). Before I dropped out to home school in grade 4, I had learned the essentials of game development on a Commodore 64 by following along with the chapters in a "book of games".. you had to type the chapter out line for line in order to play the game (if you managed to do so without a single error), and this was how I became interested in game programming. By the time I completed self-study for my high-school equivalency (GED) as a teenager (as formal high school involvement was limited to several weeks of grade 10, before once again dropping out), I had already created my own (unpublished) foundation of a game, a simple tile-based map where you'd run around picking up collectibles. I enrolled at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario in 2000 for Computer Programmer/Analyst. I dropped out after a couple of weeks (..although I did learn how to do mortgage amortization by hand on paper, that was the extent of it's value to me). The only skill I was missing in order to start my own game development company - aside from not being artistically-inclined, at least traditionally - was the ability to create 3D models and animation, so in 2003 I enrolled at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Toronto, Ontario. I completed a single term before dropping out (the remainder of the course was for practice, to create a portfolio and to learn the business side of the CG industry - the prospect of devoting time to any of these held little interest.. I'd already learned what I'd enrolled to learn). I wasted several years with no further progress before getting my life back on track. By the end of 2006 I had created a multilingual "learn Japanese characters" type of game called Kopengin (not widely distributed - I was more interested in "doing" than "selling", and it was free anyway). This was coded in VB on a foundation of DirectX and was fully-voiced by a native speaker of Japanese, with local high scores for both Katakana and Hiragana character sets. In January 2009 I stumbled on C4 Engine by Eric Lengyel. By the end of 2010 I had become adept with C++, having created a game called Wingball which included multithreaded streaming landscapes, "bullet time", dynamic foliage placement, use of complex shaders (created via C4's graph/node-based Shader Editor along with procedural customization at run-time), weather effects, procedural lens flare, leaderboards, custom tween blending system and more. This had limited distribution as a technical demo and was playable on both Windows and Linux by the time I abandoned the project late 2012 due to other distractions from game development career progress. I am a Community Leader at the Terathon forums and Professional License holder - my Wingball thread in Showcase thread has over 45,000 views. If/when I can obtain a Sony Developer license and an appropriate financial situation, I will almost definitely use C4 Engine for PlayStation 3 and/or 4 development. The next self-education was in PlayStation Mobile Studio/PSM (C#). I had most of the foundation in place to rapidly develop games within this, but moved on once Sony's changes/updates prevented me from continuing to develop and test with my Vita (the PSM Studio's built-in simulator had bugs for some functionality, at least at the time).

I stumbled into Starling in 2013 - Feathers shortly thereafter - and once again began developing my own engine, this time built around these cross-platform and open-source frameworks. Last Real Hero began as the testing ground and technical demo for the game engine early on. The sky shooter genre was my choice given the wide variety of planned features I'd be able to integrate and the fact it's appropriate for mobile deployment/a good candidate for reasonable performance on low-end devices (relatively speaking).

While the majority of my work has been from home/wherever, I have worked on-site at numerous offices (mostly in Toronto), from unsightly back rooms to Trump Tower. I would never work for the majority of my clients again, due to issues of delayed payment, underpayment, violation of my terms including unlicensed code and/or content reuse/refactoring and redistribution, code theft and theft of proprietary solutions (proven or otherwise), surveillance/spying without consent and the blatent redirection of bad decision-making/managerial incompetence to underlings. The whole industry just feels dirty (to understate). I'd prefer to remain essentially broke and work on my own projects until I can either support myself or have my talent embraced by a respectful benefactor ..but we can't always do what we want to do!

Whatever my future holds, I'm pleased to have been able to share Last Real Hero / my demonstration of the engine powering it (and by extension, the exceptional capabilities of Starling in the hands of a developer capable of utilizing its potential) with the international community.

- Adam Golden

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Adam Golden
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