Privacy Policy

Neither Last Real Hero nor currently collect or store what's typically termed "personally-identifying information" (name, phone, email, age, etc.). However - be aware that the IP address of the connection, the name and version of the platform (i.e. Windows, Mac, Android), the version of the game connecting to the server or any combination of these and other mundane values may at times be stored in activity logs.

If you're making use of Last Real Hero's network features (i.e. leaderboards/high scores tables), then [obviously] your serial #, scores and whatever else applies will also be stored. Some forms of cheat attempts are also logged in order to improve security measures utilized in future development and applications of the underlying boilerplate/engine and/or Last Real Hero itself.

This file and all others associated with Last Real Hero or any of my work are subject to change at any time without notice, either by me or anybody with access to them. By accessing or transmitting any file, portion thereof or derivative thereof, in any way (directly or indirectly), you agree to my Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that rights to interpretation, possession and distribution of any content purportedly from or by me is exclusively mine and must be verified in person. Finally - and I might just be kidding - but please incessently review the latest versions of all files and confirm with me personally that what you're reviewing did in fact originate from me :) Adam Golden 810 Westplain Rd. Roblin, Ontario K0K 2W0 Canada