Terms of Use


By accessing LastRealHero.com, playing Last Real Hero (on any platform), viewing any file or a derivative of any file associated with Last Real Hero (or the underlying source code and/or technology) in any way, you agree to the spirit of the following (as written and interpreted by me):

You are 13 years of age or older (really). Last Real Hero contains cartoon depictions of violence, and while even the news has more graphic depictions of violence than Last Real Hero, I'm still assigning it a 13+ rating.

Official ratings on the homepage have no meaning to me personally - they're what I was provided with by Google Play for use in "marketing materials". Ratings were assigned to it based on the game itself (not content on any social networks, other pages and/or comments). The newsfeed within versions prior to 0.7.1 (which has no network features/"Switch to Online") will be mundane - a new version, offline play only, etc., unless the web server's database has been hacked. Please notify me immediately if you believe that to be the case.

Last Real Hero does NOT contain any coarse language (unless you hear voices, then it's quite possible that it does).

Last Real Hero does NOT contain nudity or any sexually explicit material (unless you're prone to hallucinate, in which case it may).

Last Real Hero has NO drug or alcohol use that I'm aware of (and since I made the game, I'm probably right.. I say "probably" to cover any potential tampering by anyone that could conceivably thieve my code and/or hack my game and redistribute unofficial binaries - same goes for any other modifications and/or redistributions I'd be unaware of).

Last Real Hero contains NO misogyny (..only mentioned since females being rescued by a male might be misinterpreted as such by extremists, regardless of the fact males are being rescued as well).

Last Real Hero's portrayal of onboard civilians via [tastefully-drawn] caricatures is NOT intended to upset anyone, mock or otherwise minimize the plight of those suffering bombardment by airstrikes or other forms of attack and fear-mongering at the hands of (or based on the demands of) immune-from-prosecution or other arrogant types. Portraits are an artistic style/representation which is highly appropriate for mobile game development, shared by countless other games. I have respect for all cultures - diversity/inclusivity of civilian ethnic backgrounds were an instruction to my artist based on examples provided. As a Canadian, it personally disgusts me that the Government of Canada currently condones [and possibly engages in] "duck-and-cover"-inspiring forms of terrorism (among others). Isn't the purpose of an army to defend a country from invasion by a foreign army / disuade invasion? Maybe I just wasn't educated the same way as Canada's elected representatives were.

Last Real Hero (0.x.x through 1.x.x) is FREE. If you paid for it, maybe bring that up with the person you paid. It's provided "as-is" with no warranty, technical support or implied suitability for any particular purpose. If it doesn't happen to work with any specific browser, device or platform, please try another. It works well on everything I own, and that's as far as I'm taking a free game.

You will not try to mess up any websites or servers Last Real Hero is hosted on or associated with, including LastRealHero.com. This includes but is not limited to Denial of Service attacks (spamming the server's IP). I don't mind if you troll my social networks' or other sites' pages where comments are enabled.. I'll just delete your posts and/or respond in whatever tone I choose to.

You will not reverse-engineer, decompile or extract any file associated with Last Real Hero. You understand that doing so and possessing licensed assets you are not licensed to possess could result in legal repercusions (most likely not by me, but you never know).

You understand that all content on this website (for example, notes on the landing page) are constituents of these Terms of Use.

You understand that quite possibly the only reason I wasted any time at all writing Terms of Use or a Privacy Policy is because of malevolent forces at work in this world suppressing creativity and freedom of expression, where such expression conflicts with or opposes malevolent perspectives. I would much rather just say "I hope you like it! Enjoy!"

You understand that final/legal interpretation (and/or admissibility for any purpose) of anything within any file associated with or derived from any file associated with Last Real Hero or me personally (including this document) is legally mine. You understand that failing to agree with the spirit of my terms as written and interpreted by me (in a way that I interpret as malevolent), constitutes a legally-binding declaration of having violated my terms and requires immediate contact with me in person to [publicly] disclose all associated details of the violation(s) in question - and you further agree that you and any representative(s) will oppose all forms of "publication bans", "gag orders" or "classification" which would otherwise reduce and/or prevent public scrutiny, disgust or worse.

As for those engaged in "corporate espionage" (or similar).. if I didn't give you my source code, you shouldn't have a copy of it. If I didn't license you to modify it, you should have asked me for permission. If I didn't give you access to my computer, you shouldn't have access to it. If creative suppression or political oppression land on my doorstep at any time related to any of my project(s), I will be sure to push the limits of what's possible for an M-rated game to contain, as my very next priority (..maybe even beyond what's considered M-rated, if I give up on releases where ratings exist), with the people responsible being the target of everything contained therein, deliberately presented in the most defamatory light possible with an absolute minimum level of plausible deniability (or none whatsoever).

This file and all others associated with Last Real Hero or any of my work are subject to change at any time without notice, either by me or anybody with access to them. By accessing or transmitting any file, portion thereof or derivative thereof, in any way (directly or indirectly), you agree to my Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that rights to interpretation, possession and distribution of any content purportedly from or by me is exclusively mine and must be verified in person. Finally - and I might just be kidding - but please incessently review the latest versions of all files and confirm with me personally that what you're reviewing did in fact originate from me :) Adam Golden 810 Westplain Rd. Roblin, Ontario K0K 2W0 Canada adam@lastrealhero.com